What’s Faith Gotta Do With It?

Everything!  Our makeup game is on point. Our clothes are second to none. Our selfies? Perfect. By all indications on social media, all is well. Or, maybe not? In reality, I meet with tons of women daily whose concerns go waaaaaayyyy beyond the pap smear visit. There’s family drama, relationship drama, financial drama, and personal drama that creates a quiet invisible storm raging on the … Continue reading What’s Faith Gotta Do With It?

Can I shrink my fibroids?

Fibroids are tumors that grow on the uterus. They attach themselves to the uterus and mooch off the blood supply. If the blood supply to the uterus is blocked, the fibroids will shrink away because they are not being “fed.” This procedure called “uterine artery embolization” is a treatment option for some types of fibroids. You would need imaging studies to determine the exact position … Continue reading Can I shrink my fibroids?

Can I do a tummy tuck with my c-section?

Technically, yes, but…….. With all the swelling and stretching during pregnancy, your body is stretched beyond normal. This makes it hard for the surgeon to know how much tucking needs to be done. Your results may therefore be less than perfect. Cost. Your insurance company considers the tummy tuck an elective procedure, and will NOT pay for it along with the c-section. You’d need to … Continue reading Can I do a tummy tuck with my c-section?

Breast discharge, not pregnant. Is it cancer?

Possibly, but unlikely. Most cases of nipple discharge are benign (not cancer). Benign discharge tends to be nonbloody, could be milky, brown, blue, green, gray, or clear. Could be due to abnormal hormone levels, trauma, recent breastfeeding, medications, or an underlying medical condition. Any discharge that is spontaneous, comes from one breast only, or bloody is concerning. Cancer is the cause of nipple discharge in … Continue reading Breast discharge, not pregnant. Is it cancer?

How do I know if I can get pregnant?

To answer this question, four pieces of the puzzle have to come together. Normal menstrual cycles, normal semen, normal fallopian tubes, and a normal uterus. A complete fertility workup will assess these four areas and target treatment accordingly. If you’ve tried the good old fashioned way of getting pregnant for at least one year, and have been unsuccessful, it’s time to see a doctor. If … Continue reading How do I know if I can get pregnant?

Should I remove my ovaries?

This question tends to come up when women are considering a hysterectomy. If the ovaries are normal, then you don’t necessarily have to remove them, especially if you have not yet gone through menopause. If your periods have stopped, then the ovaries are not working 100% anyway. If you are still having periods, removing the ovaries immediately takes you to menopause. You may experience menopause … Continue reading Should I remove my ovaries?

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Welcome to AskYourGyno Blog!

Hello ladies, Welcome to Askyourgyno. I am Dr. Chetanna Okasi, a board certified gynecologist, who is passionate about women’s health. I am so excited to bring you this platform, AskYourGyno, where we can engage openly about issues that impact our health. From men to menses to money, everything counts! Over the years, I have cared for thousands of women and understand that behind every question … Continue reading Welcome to AskYourGyno Blog!

What can I do for sagging breasts?

Wear a properly-fitted bra Exercise Hope for the best. In reality, gravity and age are natural forces that impact the shape of the breasts. For some women, weight changes also play a significant role. With plastic surgery, many women can restore or reshape their breasts to their taste. Keep in mind that with more age and more gravity, even surgery eventually loses the battle. A … Continue reading What can I do for sagging breasts?