Can I do a tummy tuck with my c-section?

Technically, yes, but……..

  1. With all the swelling and stretching during pregnancy, your body is stretched beyond normal. This makes it hard for the surgeon to know how much tucking needs to be done. Your results may therefore be less than perfect.
  2. Cost. Your insurance company considers the tummy tuck an elective procedure, and will NOT pay for it along with the c-section.
  3. You’d need to find a plastic surgeon “on call” available to do this when the c-section happens. If it’s a schedule c-section, that may be more feasible.
  4. Both procedures can have complications like blood loss and blood clots. Recovery is also more complicated when combining procedures, especially if you have to care for your baby at the same time.
  5. Girl, there are so many physiologic changes during pregnancy and delivery that the sooner we get you off the operating table safely, the better. This is true especially if you have other pregnancy complications during your pregnancy like pre-eclampsia.

It’s actually better to wait until the pregnancy and delivery have resolved completely, lose all the weight you can, then proceed to the tummy tuck. Of course, this assumes you’re not planning to get pregnant soon after…

Did you have a tummy tuck with your c-section? How did it go? Please share your story below!

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