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Hello ladies,

Welcome to Askyourgyno. I am Dr. Chetanna Okasi, a board certified gynecologist, who is passionate about women’s health. I am so excited to bring you this platform, AskYourGyno, where we can engage openly about issues that impact our health. From men to menses to money, everything counts! Over the years, I have cared for thousands of women and understand that behind every question lies several more questions. You’d be surprised to know that so many other women share your concerns. It’s time to break down the barrier of fear of judgement that has plagued the way women express their health concerns or seek information and advice. All questions are welcome on AskYourGyno. Drop me a line, and I’d love to meet you LIVE at the next AskYourGyno girl talk seminar at the Meeting House in Columbia, Maryland. Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 10am.

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