7 ways to approach fibroids

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with fibroids, or have had them for a long time, your treatment choices could be quite confusing. Let’s consider the following: Are the fibroids bothering you? Fibroids tend to cause heavy bleeding, pelvic pain or pressure, frequent urination, or no symptoms at all. If your fibroids are small and not bothersome, you may be okay with doing nothing. Keep in … Continue reading 7 ways to approach fibroids

What’s your RhoGAM story?

“I’ve heard too many stories of girls who have this blood type and didn’t get the Rhogam shot after pregnancy and now live in torture. Please educate.” When a pregnant woman has Rh-negative blood type, her baby could be either Rh-negative or Rh-positive depending on the father. If baby inherits dad’s Rh-positive blood type, mom’s body could develop antibodies against this “foreign invader.”  These antibodies … Continue reading What’s your RhoGAM story?

Why do men treat us badly?

Sweet sis, I hear your question loud and clear. Let’s dig deeper: Why do women allow men to treat them badly? Why do men allow themselves to treat women badly? There are a million answers to these questions. Join us on Saturday, June 1st  at 10am for the ASKYOURGYNO Women’s Health Discussion. Learn from other women’s experiences and solutions. Together, we grow! Tickets are free. … Continue reading Why do men treat us badly?

Years later, my c-section scar still hurts.

A cesarean delivery is SURGERY where the doctor cuts open your belly to deliver your beautiful baby. Another joy of motherhood. That cut may look great on the surface but has to heal in multiple layers on the inside.  The healing process can be quite long. As a doctor, I used to tell my patients exactly what the book said: 6-8 weeks of healing. After … Continue reading Years later, my c-section scar still hurts.

What’s Faith Gotta Do With it?

Everything! Our makeup game is on point. Our clothes are second to none. Our selfies? Perfect. By all indications on social media, all is well. Or, maybe not? In reality, I meet with tons of women daily whose concerns go waaaaaayyyy beyond the pap smear visit. There’s family drama, relationship drama, financial drama, and personal drama that creates a quiet invisible storm raging on the … Continue reading What’s Faith Gotta Do With it?

Can my 14 year old be on the pill?

A patient brought her daughter to see me because of painful periods. The 14 year old was missing school and activities because of the unbearable cramps. She tried pain meds but they didn’t work so her pediatrician suggested birth control pills. Her father did not approve. He felt it “looked bad.” What if the rest of the extended family found out that his baby girl … Continue reading Can my 14 year old be on the pill?